Call for Papers

Submission Guide

We have several tracks to submit your talk or workshop to this year:

Level Up

Story Mode

Training Mode

Level Up

    • First time presenters who have an idea, but would like a mentor's assistance, please start the Special Requests section of the form with "Mentor Me Please!" and we will team you with a mentor who will help you with your presentation.

    • Talks will not be recorded

    • All Security professionals are welcome to submit their talks, if selected you can interact with our participants and hear their feedback, input, and opinions.

    • Presenters can speak about their newest research, tools, and approaches to InfoSec.

Story Mode

    • Presenters can speak on a wide range of topics (Activism, Crypto, Effective ways to Improve Security, Lock-Picking, Hardware Hacking, Mental Health/Burnout, Law, Privacy, Regulations, Risk, Reverse-Engineering Malware in Go, etc)

    • Talks will be recorded

    • Discussions which are relevant and impactful to the local community

Training Mode

    • Available for facilitators, teachers, and trainers to have a closed door environment where they can share information around a select number of topics to our attendees.

    • Short workshops 1-2 hours long are being accepted at this time, if you have an awesome workshop and require more time, let us know in the Special Requests section of the form and we'll make room for you if we can.

    • Short interactive classes to give participants hands-on experience learning tools, tips, and techniques. If you have a plan for a fun interactive class for 20-30 people and would like more than 1-2 hours, let us know in the Special Requests section of the form and we'll make room for you if we can.

    • Topics should be cutting edge, but shouldn't require a PhD and a custom lab environment to deploy (unless one can be created within minutes via an open source platform such as git, or one can otherwise be provided to each student).

Important Dates

Conference Dates: OCT 22 2022

Deadline for Submissions: Aug 2022

Notification of Acceptance: Aug 30 2022

Review Process

Each submitted talk will be reviewed by a committee of dedicated reviewers. A final group of core conference stall will make a final judgement on each talk based on the comments provided by the review panel. Reviewers score talks based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to the following:

    • Detailed Outline

    • Uniqueness and Innovation

    • Grammar

    • Impact on the local community

Talk Ideas

Incident detection and response

Social Engineer and soft skills

Building an effective Security Culture

Open Source Intelligence Techniques

Zero trust networking

Delivering effective security on a very small budget

Reducing technical debt and complexity to improve security

Attacks and effective mitigations

Focused research on specific IoT or tech

Exploit development