Frequently AsKed Questions

Where is it? How do I get there?

California State University San Marcos. On the homepage we have directions and a map. You may also use:

Where do I park?

We have the 5th and 6th levels in the CSUSM Parking Structure reserved just for our attendees. There will be signs directing you up. If you have a handicap parking placard, you can park in any handicapped spot anywhere on the campus without a permit. All others, only on the 5th and 6th levels.

Can I be dropped off somewhere close?

Yes! the closest spot is the Campus Way roundabout.

Can I leave my car overnight?

No. No you cannot. You must leave after the event.

I need to get away/chill/make a call/dance; where do I go?

The amphitheater right outside the event is reserved for us. Go wild.

How do I connect to wifi?

CSUSM has an open wifi CSUSM-Open. The splash page will ask for an email ANY EMAIL WILL WORK. The school does not collect or sell the emails entered.

What can I do for Coffee, lunch, or snack?

We will have coffee, tea, and water at the event. There is also a coffee, BBQ, and a grocery a short distance from campus. The food on campus will not be open.