Contests and Prizes


You get a ticket, we pull a ticket; if they match, you get a prize!

Cool stuff like:

  • A freaking drone

  • Hacker Boxes

  • L33t Hacker publications

  • H4ck3r h4rdw4r3

  • and so much more....

Raffle is drawn at the after party. You must be present to win.

Capture the flag (CTF)s

Wireless CTF

Brought to you by @V3g4

It will be fun, fantastic, faraday, and frequency based (tom)foolery.

Winner will receive very cool DStrike watch!

Lockpicking & Tamper Evident CTF

Brought to you by
Somerset Recon

The lockpicking and tamper evident village will test your skillsets at a wide variety physical security challenges. Learn how to defeat tamper targets without a trace, break into cars, escape handcuffs and break your way in or out of "secure" locations.

Tools will be provided to participants but we recommend bringing your own tools if you have some.

Prizes will include repining kits, repining mats, plug spinners, car picks, bump keys, lock picks and more.

Guilds (Villages)

Chill Out

A dedicated area, chill seating, to chill out with some chill people.

Tamper Evident

Tamper-evident refers to a physical security technology that provides evidence of tampering (access, damage, repair, or replacement) to determine authenticity or integrity of a container or object(s)


Pick, bypass, hack and crack all things physical security


Provides expertise on information to help your Career!
Help getting into security
Resume reviews
Career advice


Hardware hacking may occur: make and break for fun and awesome. Some of the activities available will be:
Single board computer fun
Learn to solder
Reverse engineering hardware
Open tutorial forum

The After Party

Come join us after the closing ceremonies on Saturday the 22nd at a TBA location. There will be fun, food, and festivities to be had. It will be a dedicated space for use, so please come with your badge present.

Where is it?

Cocina del Charro
Location is danger close. 1020 W San Marcos Blvd Suite #50, San Marcos, CA 92078

What will be happening there?

Food and Drink will be provided for 3 hours!

That is right, hosted bar and food until 8:30. We feed your brain and soul all day, now we focus on that gut.


We will take the other half of your raffle ticket at the door and raffle off different prizes through out the night.


We all know Spotify has a lyrics options, right? Well, that is what you will get along with a candid audience for your crooning abilities.